Welcome to Black ​Family Life & Culture

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture, Inc., is  committed to Reunification of the African American family, the Revitalization of African American Communities and a Cultural Realignment. Grounded in these areas, the work of Black Family Life and Culture has continually engaged in information dissemination, cultural education and programmatic development/training that are designed to address the critical issues and problems affecting African American families and youths: and, guide and inform all program planning and service delivery for a healthy, well and whole community and society.



Black Family Life and Culture, is dedicated to providing families with tools to strengthening the bond between youth and their families. By educating families how to establish cultural practices and traditions that are child centered and grounded in love.

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Re-Vitalizing Communities

Strengthening the families will also create a stronger sense of self-pride  and pride for the community in which they live. We also instill in the youth the desire to take ownership of the community through civic engagement and mutual responsibility.

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Re-Establishing Cultures

Black Family Life and Culture, believes Family Re-Unification and Community Re-Vitalization can only be achieved with a solid foundation in cultural practices and traditions, that will promote and display a sense of cultural self-awareness and pride.

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