Black Family Life and Culture,


Originally established as The Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life & Culture, in January 1980, as a "Think Tank" centered in African American thought, and Black Psychology, The Institute's founding Goals and Objectives were carried out through the activities of its three (3) divisions;

1. Research, Evaluation and Public Policy Analysis.

2. Education and Training.

3. Development and Dissemination


Black Family Life and Culture's vision is to utilize its rich thirty-five (35) year history of culturally based research and program development to provide the African American community the tools to reclaim ownership of their health and wellness by Reunifying the Families, Revitalizing the Community and Reestablishing the Culture.


Black Family Life & Culture, will re-introduce into the African American community cultural practices and traditions, to stimulate the family's ability to heal themselves from the negative influences that prevent positive family development of attitudes, ideas, and behaviors. We will accomplish this by developing culturally relevant programs, services and support systems that will address the challenges of at-risk families and youth, which can be used as tools to support the process of reunifying families, revitalizing the community, and reestablishing the best of African American culture.

"Mu Kala Kintwadi Ya Tubu I Mu Zinga"

         (To know one's origins, is to live forever) .... African Proverb


Free programs designed to help youth and their families improve the quality of theirs lives, that are culturally grounded and child centered.

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It Takes the Village

We recognized that providing programs are not the final solution.  So we offer various Low-Cost  to Almost Free and Free services to help with some of the "blockades to success" families experience.

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These are some of the projects we're developing to help us better serve the community.

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