It Takes a Village

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S.F. Chronicle Seasons of Sharing Emergency Financial Assistance

Get emergency financial assistance to pay past due rents, utility bills, or get assistance with deposits for new apartments.

Notary Services

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  • Power of Attorney
  • Legal Contracts
  • Letter of Agreements, etc.

Tobacco Dependence Cessation Workshop

An eight week program designed to assist individuals with Substance Use Disorder wanting to control their  Tobacco Cessation Dependency.

Training & Workshops

  • Fatherhood Development
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Professional / Staff Development
  • Various other topics - Call for Details

Partnerships & Supporters

None of the great work we do for our community would be possible without us having partnerships with dedicated individuals and agencies. And we greatly appreciate support we receive financial resources from private donations, local, state and federal funding and the time and energy given by countless volunteers and community members.

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